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A word that means 'Sense withdrawal'



Hardly ever gets a mention any more!  Maybe it’s seen as too difficult.


The analogy often used in yoga commentaries is that of the tortoise retracting its limbs into its shell.  In much the same way, with Pratyahara we are retracting the senses so that the outside world is set aside for a time, but the world inside us is seen more clearly.


Perhaps most obviously, we stop sensing how the posture looks and instead become more aware of the feelings in the muscles, in the connective tissue and in the joints and bones.  With this inner focus we really can achieve a state of steadiness, stillness, comfort, and yes pleasantness.


Almost equally obvious is the ability to see the relationship between the breath and the body;  how changing one can affect the other.


We can see too, more easily, whether our posture work is freeing and clearing our awareness so that, in a way, free of the demands of the external senses, it can float calm and serene within us!